• Call for Artists: University of Gallen

    Twice a year, independent artists have the opportunity to submit projects for a recently acquired building of the University at Tellstrasse 2 in St.Gallen. A curator will choose 5 projects from the applications received that will then be exhibited for six months in the school building. Applications can be made for one of the 5 space options specifically (please see separate documents on our website for options available) or without any particular space in mind. The final decision on the space allotted to the selected projects is made by the curator.

  • Moloko Project Vacancy (Goethe Institut): Project Manager

    The Mokolo platform was created in 2012 with the aim to pro- mote and support film and audiovisual sectors in Africa and its Diasporas

  • Arterial Network new website: call for photos and multimedia files

    Arterial Network is busy designing a new website and is calling on all of its members and chapters to help it build its photo and multimedia gallery!

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  • DoryPark Dance Company: call for dancers


  • Artwatch Africa: project takes news strides


  • Highlight on the African Creative Industries: the Sleeping Giant


  • Stunning edition of the Festival sur le Niger by RĂ©seau Kya


  • Sounds of the South Afrikan Hip Hop Caravan: call for artists and partners